Must-follow NBA resources on the Internet

Lamarcus Aldridge talking to Zach Lowe

The Internet is basically a huge mess. There is a lot of content everywhere, on websites, social networks, file-sharing softwares, and it may be difficult to navigate all this stuff searching for a particular information, especially for a novice.

So, I present to you my personal and awesome list of must-follow NBA resources. It’s obviously a work in progress (it has been created in the middle of the regular season) and it will be updated as soon as I find something else worth reading/watching. I’ll try to add to any link a small description of why that particular resource is a must-follow. Continua a leggere

The tale of Mirza Teletovic: from warzone to the NBA

Mirza Teletovic when he was a Caja Laboral player

(image by Pau García Solbes)

On its road to the Qualification Round for Eurobasket 2015, the Italian National Basketball team held a friendly tournament in Trieste against the likes of Canada and Serbia. Italbasket also played against the Bosnia and Herzegovina team, and one of the highlights of the match was a duel between our captain Luigi Datome and the only Bosnian NBA player on the squad, Mirza Teletovic. I watched on the TV the match, as the Bosnian team badly lost (Italy won by a decent margin, 99-71) and Teletovic finished with 20 points.

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Alfredo Jaar Expo @ Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

I’m back from Helsinki and I’m feeling kinda sad: the city was stunning, with lots of things to do and lots of place to see, however it didn’t help the fact that everything was quite expensive (take a look at the prices listed by Numbeo). Our apartment was located near the city centre and it was very easy to get there.This is a map I made with Google Maps Engine to help me navigate through Helsinki (for your pleasure, some of Tallinn‘s famous attractions are also included, another beautiful city worth visiting).

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Unseen 64 is up & running again!

Unseen 64, Beta & Cancelled Videogames

Unseen 64 is finally up again! For those of you that don’t know this magnificent site, it’s an archive of videogame’s beta version, as well as cancelled videogames. There are still tons of articles that we need to elaborate and over 50 GB of images and videos to upload, not to mention numerous games missing from our archives and other stuff (like unreleased gaming consoles and arcades).

If you want to help there is a lot of things that you can do. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and this simple action doesn’t require any effort. Huge thanks to Ness, who he’s still fighting to keep everything up. Spread the Unseen :D

5 Terrible English performances of Italian politicians

Silvio Berlusconi terrible english

As you probably know, Italian people are not very good with languages. Well, it sounds like a stereotype but it’s actually true: Education First, a company specialized in academic education and language training, has created an index of English Proficiency to rate English knowledge through the world, and the Italy’s results are quiet abysmal for a developed country.

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