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Must-follow NBA resources on the Internet

The Internet is basically a huge mess. There is a lot of content everywhere, on websites, social networks, file-sharing softwares, and it may be difficult to navigate all this stuff searching for a particular information, especially for a novice.

So, I present to you my personal and awesome list of must-follow NBA resources. It’s obviously a work in progress (it has been created in the middle of the regular season) and it will be updated as soon as I find something else worth reading/watching. I’ll try to add to any link a small description of why that particular resource is a must-follow.

If you have any suggestions or if you think I missed something, feel free to let me know in the comments.

*not on a particular order*


General Beat Writers

Zach Lowe – Lowe is THE MAN. Besides running one of the best NBA related podcasts in “The Lowe Post” (with Kurtis Blow as the opening song!), he is a terrific writer, dropping in-depth analyses on every team, integrating them with videoclips and GIF. He also writes about other NBA matters, like salary cap and rule changes. Plus, he looks like an incredible human being.
Howard Beck – Beck is a writer at the Bleacher Report, covering all kind of NBA issues. He has not the analytical vibe of Lowe, but his pieces are beautifully written, always a worth reading. As an example, check his incredible Kevin Garnett Oral History.
Jonathan Tjarks – writer at RealGm, also has a blog for additional annotations.
Adrian Wojnarowski – WojYahooNBA is the guy known for every possible inside information in the NBA. His Twitter account literally exploded during the recent trade deadline. His columns are enjoyable too.
Brett Koremonos – Brett feels like a mini-Zach Lowe, both have been writers at Grantland.
Mike Prada – an editor at SBNation.
J.A. Adande
Zak Boisvert
John Schuhmann
Nate Duncan

Team-specific Beat Writers (massive update needed)

Ethan Strauss – my favourite Golden State Warriors reporter.
Devin Kharpertian – everything Brooklyn Nets related (also on
Couper MoorheadMiami Heat beat writer for
Royce YoungOklahoma City Thunders (also on
Nick Friedell – covering the Chicago Bulls for ESPN Chicago.
Baxter HolmesLos Angeles Lakers beat reporter for ESPN.
Chris HerringNew York Knicks reporter for the Wall Street Journal.
Britt Robson Minnesota Timberwolves beat reporter.
Scott Kushner – covering all things related to the New Orleans Pelicans .

X’s and O’s


The Nylon Calculus – great website about basketball analytics. Lots of analyses, shot charts, probability ande generally difficult articles. Light sport fans warned.
Kirk Goldsberry – ok, let me put this straight. I love Kirk Goldsberry. How can I describe him? He is “a professor and writer specializing in spatial reasoning, visual communication, and representation“. Add the love of basketball to the mix and THIS is the result. He and Zach Lowe are the reasons because I write about sports.
Kevin Pelton – Kevin is sharing amazing insights on his TW account and doing incredible analyses for ESPN, bad news: some of his stuff is only for insiders memberships :(
Seth Partnow – Seth is an assistant editor at the Nylon Calculus but he sometimes write on different places, definetely worth a following on TW.
Brendan Ware
David Thorpe
Coach Peterman


HowU – the original YT channel about NBA set plays coupled with good music.
Half Court Hoops – similar style to HowU, but more in-depth videos, lots of team covered.
Coach Daniel – Daniel speaks about basketball with a remarkable clarity, always starting from the basic things and gradually explaning everything.
BBallBreakdown – Coach Nick is out from SBNation network, but his videos are still fun to watch, I wish he had time to do more retro-breakdowns of 80s and 90s NBA matches (he’s got a website too).
ReckonBoxa taiwanese website with clips and explanations. I can’t understand anything of course but the videoclips are fascinating.
Basketball Insight

Statistics Stats – the official website is the most comprehensive archive for NBA statistics available for normal users (however the version for the media is definetely better).
StatMuse – just watch the explanatory video on the homepage, and subscribe for a beta access key. I’m telling you.
Basketball Reference – Basketball Reference provides a more clean environment to analyze stats, there is also the possibility to embed code, which comes very handy on blogs and websites. – is a site dedicated to providing easy to use analytics for all NBA players and teams. All data used on this site are a consolidation between the phenomenal and ESPN’s Shot Tracker.

Salary Cap

Larry Coon’s NBA Salary Cap FAQ – the salary cap of an NBA team is a hell of a difficult matter. If you want to understand everything about Bird rights, mid-level exceptions and cap holds this is your place.
Jeff Kramer


Draftexpress – the leading website about prospects analyses and mock drafts.
Chad Ford – ESPN NBA Insider with an emphasis on the draft.
Scott Howard-Cooper
Derek Bodner
Kevin O’Connor

NBA Streaming

NBA-Stream – this is what I use usually, however the quality is not that good and I’m still searching for something better.

NBA full games

(this section may be out-of-date soon, as this kind of websites may be taken down pretty quickly)

NBAHD – if you can resist all the popups this is a good choice for streaming replays of complete NBA games (without ads). – use this only few days after the game, since the videos are removed very quickly.

Various stuff

NBA Cat Watchwhere trying to figure out which NBA players own cats happens.
david stern look like a frog – also known as “NBA Dress Code“, your tumblr repositary for every meh NBA dress image. Lot of Iverson love <3
MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference – the leading nerd conference for sport statistics!
FiveThirtyEight Sports – Refreshing style of analyses, despite no big names, overall a worderful work.
Synergy Sports Tech –
In Street Clothes – an enormous database of NBA players’ injuries.

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